Delfine im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen Delfinschwimmen Delfinschwimmen im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen in freier Wildbahn
Dolphin in the red sea swimm with dolphins dolphinswimming dolphinswimming red sea wild dolphins in the red sea
Delfine-Mogli's Freunde

About Dolphins

Learn more about these animals

Dolphins belong to the Toothed whales and are mammals that live in the water. With around 40 species they are the largest family of Whales and are found in all oceans of the world, even in the Amazon River.

The "bottlenose", the best-known dolphin species in the Red Sea. For those who know him not the famous Dolphin from the film "Flipper" the friend of all people.


He is grey colored and has a white belly. It can be between 1.9 and 4 metres long and its weight is between 150-300 kg. The dolphins in the Red Sea are mostly 2.5 m long and approximately 250 kg. A newborn calf is 65-105 cm tall and 15-30 kg. The short muzzle is characteristic of these dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin is the outer skin cells from (peeling), like all other species, approximately every 2 hours. This permanent regeneration reduces the flow resistance.


The "bottlenose dolphin" is located in all 3 oceans. He keeps mostly near the coasts and also enters shallow bays and lagoons.

Way of life:

Young porpoises come after a gestation period of 1Year to the world, and are about 120 cm long. A dolphin birth takes up to 2 hours. At the time, the mother is encircled from the rest of the herd (school) to protect them from dangers.
Dei is approximately 25-50 years lifetime. The bottlenose dolphin lives in social groups or "School" called. On average, they swim every day 60-100 km and can dive up to 500 m deep. A school consists of 2-15 animals, one older male and female animals are the rest. The members of the group agree with whistle, where each Dolphin has its own characteristic whistle of recognition.


Dolphins are fast predators who actively hunt their Victims. They feed mainly on fish, squid and crustaceans.
The babies get fatty milk of the mother, she injected directly in the mouth, since no lips have to the suck.


The Best of us: Swimming with Dolphins

The highlight of your holiday, swimming with Dolphins in the red sea. Do't miss this adventure and explore the feeling of wildlife dolphins.
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