Delfine im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen Delfinschwimmen Delfinschwimmen im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen in freier Wildbahn
Dolphin in the red sea swimm with dolphins dolphinswimming dolphinswimming red sea wild dolphins in the red sea
Delfine-Mogli's Freunde

About Us

We, Marlen & Joseph (called Mogli), are a German Egyptian team which is enjoying (Big & Small) to allow you the encounter with wild dolphins and to bring the beautiful underwater world of the Red Sea with all the incentives and unique inhabitants.

We want to show that it is worth to protect this life cultures and respect them.

Our Team

Joseph Mogli

Competent snorkel and dive guide with many years of experience.He spent half his life on or in the water. When he began came Hurghada was working as boatman and fisherman, and he know much about different ways of life of the sea. He learned how to disrupt the water without the sea creatures. But soon he realized that he wanted more and began diving in 2001. From the open water diver he worked up until 2006 on the Padi Dive-Master ( no. 641826). He devoted the next 6 years only snorkeling.
If someone for this job is chosen, then Mogli, he attracts with its open, warm kind all people whether large or small in its spell. One might think he was born for the sea, even the dolphins feel attracted by him, they have no fear and playing with him, moving in the water



I am available for all your inquiries and questions about the tours and the organizational things. I am furthermore at each tour as a travel companion and contact persons on board




He is our 2. snorkel Guide. He will also be at each tour here and support you actively.


The Best of us: Swimming with Dolphins

The highlight of your holiday, swimming with Dolphins in the red sea. Do't miss this adventure and explore the feeling of wildlife dolphins.
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