Delfine im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen Delfinschwimmen Delfinschwimmen im Roten Meer Schwimmen mit Delfinen in freier Wildbahn
Dolphin in the red sea swimm with dolphins dolphinswimming dolphinswimming red sea wild dolphins in the red sea
Delfine-Mogli's Freunde

The adventure of your life

Welcome - Dolphin Friends

You would like to experience an unusual holiday day and swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea? Then you are right with us.
Each tour is a new adventure, because we have to do it with wild dolphins that can move in the open sea without any obligation.

We can grant no 100% guarantee that we can see this beautiful graceful animals and swim with them. Through his years of experience, our guide Joseph "Mogli" detected 2-3 places where our dolphins prefer reside. Depending on the mood for playing the dolphins, it decides whether they want to swim with us. "No. risk no fun"!
Should it happen that they not swimming with us or want to play, so you, dear guests, and we should respect that. Because the Red Sea has earned our respect with all his creatures who live in it.

But if we discover and we swim with the dolphins, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. You will see how gracefully the dolphins through the water moving, as protect their babies, them perhaps watch the copulation and hear how communicate with each other.

There is still much more to discover, for an experience of swimming with the dolphins have us, we will invite you to at least two aisles of snorkel on beautiful reef. Our guide Joseph "Mogli" will bring the much-like underwater world. "Expect everything – because here is possible everything!". Perhaps you will discover even a sea turtle or a whale shark, the largest non-meat marine mammals in the Red Sea.

We hope your interest to have woken up and see us on the next tour!

The Best of us: Swimming with Dolphins

The highlight of your holiday, swimming with Dolphins in the red sea. Do't miss this adventure and explore the feeling of wildlife dolphins.
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